Feb 25, 2015

See you at SPOT


Thank you Stengade!

Travelling Tribes celebrating Jakob Drong's birthday at Stengade. There was three drumsets on stage!! The grand orchestra Klimaforandringer played afterwards and blew the place away!!

Photo by Malhe Kristiansen


Dec 26, 2014

Thank you for sharing a beautiful evening with us in the Dome of Visions!

Travelling Tribes playing in the Dome of Visions - such a great experience!!

Buffet by Jakob Vinkler, Smag in Ebeltoft - food inspired from the whole world!

We bring you our deep appreciation for creating such a warm and delicious setting for all of us to celebrate together within!

Beautiful Soffie Viemose and burning The Roll Ons made the night especially wonderful - the audience was breathtaken by both performances and music.

Overwhelming - thank you so much for contributing with your music and precense this evening!


Dec 17, 2014

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