Nov 24, 2014

Our second album 'Artificial Moonlights' is our today - Juhuuuuuu.

Our second album 'Artificial Moonlights' is our today - Juhuuuuuu.

We're very proud of this album, and are really looking forward to playing it in DK and abroad!

You can stream and download it on:

and you can buy it at our bandcamp page


Nov 21, 2014

Ny musikvideo af "Snowflakes"

Musik Mig Blidt skriver om Travelling Tribes og er de første til at vise den nye live musikvideo af nummeret "Snowflakes" optaget på HAUT.

Læs artiklen og se videoen på


The Danish blog Musikmigblidt writes about Travelling Tribes and are premiering our new livevideo of the track Snowflakes from our upcoming album.

Video: William Reynish

Lydoptagelse og mix/Recording and mix: Bjørn Gjessing

Musik/Music: Travelling Tribes



Oct 31, 2014

Pictures from the past 2012 - 2014

Emil working on making great sounds - preparation de la guitarra! Band retreat at Rødkilde 2012


Release of our debut record 'Everything Seems to Change' at AFUK November 24th 2012

First press photo for Roskilde Festival 2013. Made by Ditte Bolt, the picture is shot in the wonderful home of Anders and Ditte.

Roskilde Festival 2013! Nice times!

Working in the studio with the best friend and favorite sound technician - Bjørn Gjessing 2013

Working, working, working on creating the new album 'Artificial Moonlights' - 2013 through 2014!

Working the office in Paris with the band, preparing the 'Artificial Moonlights' release November 2014 - this is how it should be doing officework; baguettes, coffee, croissants au beurre or... chocolate of pain.

There were also times for celebration in Paris - Ethiopian feast!

Off to Golem in Hamburg with Travelling Tribes and Bjørn Gjessing. A wonderful evening thanks to Wiebke, Phillip (amazing drinks!!) and the guests. Hope to be back in 2015!


Oct 16, 2014

Travelling Tribes featured in the Wire Magazine

The new Wire Magazine is out today, 16th of october, and we're featured in the Wires new Sampler. The track, Tapping on the door, is from our coming album Artificial Moonlights out 24th of November on ILKmusic.

Link to the Sampler